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We are located in Coaldale, 8 miles east of Lethbridge, in the heart of Southern Alberta, Canada. Our facility is on a main Canadian Pacific Railway line serving the area. 

5 Suns Transloading Ltd. serves agricultural and industrial users by offering transload facilities doing truck and railcar unloading of grain, animal feed, fertilizer, and other bulk materials. Our facility includes a twin auger unload system capable of loading a Super B trailer unit in as little as 15 minutes. We offer both short and long term grain and feed storage.

  5 Suns  5 Suns

5 Suns Transloading was originally built as a grain elevator which we expanded to handle feed grains for the large feedlot industry located in the surrounding district. Trucks are loaded and unloaded  in a covered building, with outside wind screen protection, on a 90 foot electronic scale. Our facility can unload 25 cars of free flowing goods and we boast the largest hard car unloader in this area

Our staff is trained and professional and we are members of the Transload Distribution Association.  

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 5 Suns

Ph: 403-345-5878